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A Tool to Help You - Jesus is the Reason brochure

Rev. Pickle has used this brochure in various formats in the past forty five years. The Gospel message is the same: A person must become born-again to receive eternal life.

Jesus said to the Disciples, “I will make you fishers of men and that means, that it takes different types of bait to catch different types of fish, and that is the way it is with mankind. There are so many different interest, personalities and cultures that there is no one size fits all personal evangelism program. What you have, that is most valuable is, the Holy Spirit inside of you and your own personal testimony. Normally, (The most common situation is) you can share with one person at a time. Most of the time they will have gotten close enough to you that they will share a personal need and as you are listening to them, don’t interrupt them, let them complete what they are saying.

Now you may share your brief testimony and what the Lord did for you. This is when the brochure is most handy because it has the Bible verses needed and it helps to keep you on track of what the real need is, the person you are talking to needs Jesus in their life and they need to be born-again. Sharing the Lord is an exciting and continuous growing experience that is most rewarding as you pursue it.

Here is how to get the brochure for yourself:

  1. Click on the links to download the front and back pages.
  2. Save a copy for a master and a second copy to work with.
  3. On the front page where it says, Where do we meet? You can put your church name and address etc. or your personal name or your business name and use it like a business card.

When entering your information don’t use the enter key. Because this is a Word doc and it moves the other text up or down. Use the arrow key for up and down.

May the Lord bless you and Happy Fishing!

Your Acts 20/20 Team