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Why is life so hard?

I do not know what I want to be or do in life? Maybe I will go to college, but I don't know what to major in. No, maybe I will join the military and that will let me go to school on GI benefits.

I am having trouble keeping a part time job. What is going to happen to me? I feel so useless and worthless.

Dear friend; if this describes some of your thoughts and feelings, we would like to share some solid answers with you that can make your life very meaningful, fulfilling and exciting.

We hope that you are beginning to realize that what you have been seeing on TV and the movies and the music you hear have not been answering your questions and making your dreams come true.  When you try to act out what you have been hearing and seeing, it creates more and more questions and problems for you.

If that is you please take a little time with us and hear us with your heart.

We want to introduce you to someone that loves you very much, He thinks you are Speacial and He considers you to be very valuable to Him. All of us have the issues in wandering who we are, where we came from, what is my purpose for being on this earth, and what is going to happen to me when I die.

The truth is you may be like so many thousands of other young people that have had a friend die because of a drug over dose this year and another friend die in a car crash.

These close encounters stir up questions that no one seems to have the answer too. The answers to all of our questions are with-in easy reach. The only issue is, will we accept the truth that is presented to us and chose to make the necessary changes in our thinking, so that the end result will be that we have found the most beautiful life and relationship possible.

This is the source to all of the answers to any question that can be stirring in our heart and mind. We would like to introduce you to the God that created everything. He loves you and He is waiting for you to turn to Him so that He can show you just how much he does love you. It may take a little time for this reality to register in your mind, but this is the only reality that remains forever. God loves you. He wants you to want Him and come to Him just the way you are and where you are.

The only source of finding the truth is in the Bible. The Bible is where God speaks to us in a written form until we grow to the place that He can actually speak to us in what the Bible calls the small still voice. God strongly desires a two-way relationship with each of us. That is the reason He created human beings in the first place.

The Bible shows that we normally want to live our life apart from God, making our own decisions. The end result of that is, we destroy ourselves and we will spend eternity separated from God and His love forever.

God knew before He created man, that man making his own decisions would destroy himself and the earth that God had made for man. In God's fore knowledge He prepared away for us to be made right with Him and live forever with Him.

If you really want what God has for you, please


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