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We would like to share with you who we are at Acts 20/20 Ministries and what the mission is the Lord has given us.

Acts 20/20 Ministries is a Colorado non-profit Corporation based in Colorado Springs and we are a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) ministry. The purpose of Acts 20/20 is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ via the Internet and printed material. We will be adding three to five foreign languages by the end of 2009.

Currently we have three missionaries that have joined our team. They are seasoned ministers and have had many years of experience in working with people, leading them to the Lord and then discipling them to live for the Lord.

Acts 20/20

They are rewriting certain lessons to accommodate the culture and language differences that they have ministered to. Then they will translate all sixteen lessons into that language. When we start receiving responses on the Internet in the languages they minister in, then we will foreword those responses to them and they will be doing the follow up and disciplining.

With this net working capability, with other ministries, we have become a World Wide Internet Church.

Another resource of Acts 20/20 is to make available, God given tools, for the purpose of assisting the body of Christ as individuals and congregations, in teaching the scriptural pathway to the Throne of God and how to deepen their relationship with Him.

Whether we are Ministers or a lay-person, our Heavenly Father is knocking on the door of our hearts and saying, come close to me, and return to your first love, lay down your yoke and take my yoke upon you, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Come close to Me, close enough that you can hear My heartbeat, and that you may see with My eyes and love with My love.

The Lord is asking His Church to return to His original instructions that He personally taught and mentored to His disciples for three years. Then He said to them, “As the Father sent Me, so send I you”. “Go into all the world and make disciples”.

The Lord has instructed Acts 20/20 to develop the Growing in Grace Bible Study. There are sixteen (16) lessons that Acts 20/20 considers to be God’s priorities and the minimum that He wants us, His children, to know and for them to become our way of life.

Thus, the purpose of Acts 20/20 is to be a tool, used by the Father, lifting, and under-girding Pastors, the church and Missionaries that together we may be more effective in sharing the Gospel, God’s love with others, and growing the body of Christ. In doing this, we will be doing our part in the last Harvest of souls before the return of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The focus of God’s heart is:

  • That we develop a closer relationship with Him
  • That we develop ears to hear the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • That we learn and practice Personal Evangelism
  • That we make disciples of those that come to the Lord.

We invite you to become Prayer Partners and Co-laborers with us!
Please pray in regard to all of these issues and opportunities.

We do not have any salaried personnel on staff. Our overhead is low; so all proceeds will be used toward the Lord’s goal of spreading the gospel and assisting the body of Christ where we can until the Rapture occurs.

Rev. Terry K. Pickle, Director of Acts 20/20 Ministries